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2I. Welcome and Roll Call by Chair McCutchen
2II. Approval of Minutes from the Committee’s Meeting of June 18, 2019
3III. Public Input (opportunity for the public to speak to any Action Item on Tonight’s Agenda)
4a.) Boardwalk Proposal by the Mobil on the Run (Ward Seven)
131.) Agreements with Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District for Ward Five Neighborhood Park (Ward Five)
5b.) General Comments
6IV. Action Items
7a.) Planning Matters – Four (4) Items for Consideration
81.) Discussion regarding Accela Digital Permitting Software (Wards – All)
92.) Discussion regarding P.Z. 9-10 Wildwood Memorial Park and Gardens (Ward Six)
103.) Street Name Change for Pond Grover Loop Road (Wards One and Five)
114.) Policy regarding Replacement of Existing Street Trees (Wards – All)
12b.) Parks Matters – Six (6) Items for Consideration
142.) Advertising with WestNewsmagazine for Senior Programming (Wards - All)
153.) Potential Use of Public Space in Glencoe Area for Athletic Fields (Ward Six)
164.) Public Art Opportunities within the Plaza Area of the State Route 100 Pedestrian Bridge, near State Route 109 (Wards Five and Eight)
235.) Update Report on Facility Reservations, Event Registrations, and Ongoing and Long-Term Maintenance Costs for Parks and Trail Facilities (Wards – All)
186.) Update on Parks and Recreation Action Plan (Wards – All)
19c.) Executive Session Matters – Two (2) Items for Consideration
201.) PURSUANT to RSMO 610.021(2) 1994/Lease, Purchase, or Sale of Real Estate
21VI. Other Matters for Consideration
22VII. Closing Remarks and Adjournment
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