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1I. Roll Call
1II. Approval of Minutes (July 15, 2019 Meeting)
1III. Public Participation
1IV. Administration
1A. For Information
11. Waste Hauler Update (Wards – All)
12. Meeting dates for remainder of 2019 (Wards – All)
1B. For Action
11. Exterior Informational Board or Kiosk for City Hall (Wards – All)
12. Request by Council Member Woerther to Repeal Code of Ethics Sections 125.140 and 125.150 (Wards – All)
1V. Public Works
1A. For Information
11. Town Center Sanitary Sewer Update (Ward One)
1B. For Action
11. Route 100 Median Landscaping Project (Wards Four, Five, Seven and Eight)
12. Consultant Selection for Woods Road Flood Mitigation Project (Wards Six and Eight)
13. Right of Way Acquisition Consultant for Manchester Road Shared Use Path Project (Ward One)
1VI. Items Not Ready for Action
1VII. Miscellaneous
1VIII. Next Meeting: September 10, 2019
1IX. Adjournment
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