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1I. Welcome to Attendees and Roll Call of Commission Members
2II. Review Tonight’s Agenda/Questions or Comments
3III. Approval of Minutes of the Meeting of Tuesday, September 3, 2019
4IV. Department of Planning’s Opening Remarks/Updates
5V. Public Comment Session – All public comments on the active agenda items accepted here, excluding Public
6VI. Public Hearing – One (1) Item for Consideration – TO BE POSTPONED
7a.) P.Z. 12-19 Zachary Pilgram, 4733 Fox Creek Road, Wildwood, Missouri 63069, c/o Power Home Solar, 209 Hughes Lane, St. Charles, Missouri 63301 – A request for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) in the NU Non-Urban Residence District and FPNU Floodplain Non-Urban Residence District (Street Address: 4733 Fox Creek Road/Locator Number: 28Y220053) for the installation of ground-mounted solar panels upon this three (3) acre parcel of land, which is located on the east side of Fox Creek Road, north of Fox View Lane. This request is to be reviewed in accordance with Chapter 415.090 NU Non-Urban Residence District Regulations of the City of Wildwood Zoning Ordinance, which establishes standards and requirements for the installation of solar panels. The requested permit is required due to the proposed solar panels being of a ground-mounted design type. (Ward Six)
8VII. Old Business – Two (2) Items for Consideration
9Letter of Recommendations – One (1) for Consideration
10a.) P.Z. 13-19 City of Wildwood, Missouri 16860 Main Street, Wildwood, Missouri 63040, c/o Department of Planning – A request for the preparation of a recommendation by the Planning and Zoning Commission upon an item relating to an extension of a moratorium that is associated with P.Z. 1 and 1a-99 W.J. Byrne Builders, Inc., 3112 Shady Glen Estates Drive, Wildwood, Missouri 63038, which incorporates an approved Planned Residential Development Overlay District (PRD) that authorizes a twenty-three (23) lot residential subdivision located on a 18.33 acre tract of land, being situated on the north side of Strecker Road, east of Englebrook Drive (Locator Numbers 22U240024, 22U330031, and 22U330062/Street Addresses 177 Strecker Road, 165 Strecker Road, and 173 Strecker Road), given the current stay on the issuance of permits for the development of the site, in accordance with the approved Site Development Plan (SDP), has been in place for over eleven (11) years, but still requires certain det
11Information Reports – One (1) for Consideration
12b.) P.Z. 14-19 City of Wildwood, Missouri 16860 Main Street, Wildwood, Missouri 63040, c/o Department of Planning – A request to develop new legislation relating to the small-cell technology in association with new telecommunications services pertaining to the placement, installation and construction of communication and support structures, wireless facilities, and accessory equipment; administrative procedures related to the consideration thereof by the City; and the promotion of the health, safety, and welfare of Wildwood residents, all consistent with current Federal and State laws and regulations. (Wards – All)
13VIII. New Business – One (1) Item for Consideration
14 Correspondence Items – One (1) Item for Consideration
15a.) A response to a communication from Katelyn Horn, representative of the St. Louis Sudbury School, which is dated August 1, 2019, requesting amendments to an Amended Conditional Use Permit (CUP) in the NU Non-Urban Residence District (St. Louis County’s P.C. 162-89 Douglas Gilberg) that governs the use of this 7.34 acre site being located on the east side of Ossenfort Road, north of Melrose Road (Locator Number: 24Y420183/Street Address: 2906 Ossenfort Road.), thereby allowing the operation of a private, not-for-profit specialized school within an existing structure upon the property (a single family dwelling), along with utilizing current parking areas for such. The private school would operate in conjunction with the plant nursery, with sales room, and Wildwood Green Arts. (Ward Six)
16IX. Site Development Plans - Public Space Plans - Record Plats – No Items for Consideration
17X. Other Items – No Items for Consideration
18XI. Closing Remarks and Adjournment by Chair of Commission
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