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1I. Roll Call
2II. Approval of Minutes (September 10, 2019 Meeting)
3III. Public Participation
4IV. Administration
5A. For Information
61. Review of City Fees for Services (Wards – All)
7B. For Action
81. Review of Council Attendance Policy (Wards – All)
92. RFQ for Government Affairs Consultant (Wards – All)
103. Proposed Email Use Policy (Wards – All)
124. Review of Candidate Queuing Procedures (Wards – All)
12V. Public Works
13A. For Information
141. No Items
15B. For Action
161. Acceptance of Streets for Wildwood Trail Subdivision (Ward Eight)
172. Contract Supplement with Gamma Tree Service for Planting of Additional Trees under the 2019 Tree Planting Contract (Wards – All)
183. Contractor Bid for Route 100 Median Landscaping Project (Wards Four, Five, Seven and Eight)
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