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1I. Welcome to Attendees and Roll Call of Commission Members
1II. Review Tonight’s Agenda/Questions or Comments
1III. Approval of Minutes of the Meeting of Monday, May 6, 2019
1IV. Department of Planning’s Opening Remarks/Updates
1V. Public Comment Session – All public comments on the active items accepted here, excluding Public Hearings
1VI. Public Hearing and Report – No Items for Consideration
1VII. Old Business – Two (2) Items for Consideration
17a.) P.Z. 2-19 Doug Gray, 16709 Westglen Farms Drive, Wildwood, Missouri, 63011, c/o Straight Up Solar, Valerie A. Corey, 10330 Page Industrial Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63132 – A request for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) in the R-1A 22,000 square foot Residence District and R-3 10,000 square foot Residence District, with Planned Environment Units (PEU) (Street Address: 16709 Westglen Farms Drive/Locator Number: 23V631055), for the installation of roof-mounted solar panels, which are to be so situated on the dwelling as to be visible from an adjoining roadway. This request is to be reviewed in accordance with Chapter 415.120 R-1A 22,000 square foot Residence District Regulations of the City of Wildwood Zoning Ordinance, which establishes standards and requirements for the installation of solar panels. The requested permit is required due to the panels’ placement on the front facing area
17b.) P.Z. 4-19 City of Wildwood Planning and Zoning Commission, c/o Department of Planning, 16860 Main Street, Wildwood, Missouri 63040 – A request to consider possible amendments to the City of Wildwood’s Zoning Ordinance – Chapter 415.380 Miscellaneous Regulations – which would address certain issues and concerns relating to hotels, motels, and similar types of uses, specifically regarding guest vehicles and the identification of them relative to their parking and/or storage in conjunction with these activities. (Wards – All)
1VIII. New Business – One (1) Item for Consideration
17a.) A review and determination regarding the renewal of an existing Conditional Use Permit (CUP) in the Amended C-8 Planned Commercial District granted by the City Council (via Resolution) on May 13, 2002 for a telecommunications tower and related equipment shelter (P.Z. 16-99 Sprint Spectrum, L.P.). The Commission must consider renewing this permit on an annual basis. This facility is located on the north side of Clayton Road, east of Strecker Road (Locator Number 21U120226 /Street Address: 16497 Clayton Road). (Ward Two)
1IX. Site Development Plans - Public Space Plans - Record Plats – No Items for Consideration
1X. Other Items – Two (2) Items for Consideration
17a.) Update on P.Z. 15-17 Babler Farms, L.L.C., c/o Tom Roberts, 550 Laurey Lane, Wildwood, Missouri, 63005 – A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) in the NU Non-Urban Residence District for a fifty-nine point nine (59.9) acre tract of land that is located at the terminus of Laurey Lane (Locator Numbers: 20X630015 and 20X630024/Street Addresses: 500 and 550 Laurey Lane). Authorized Conditional Use: An existing large water feature – lake – and associated waterfall structure – (as defined by §415.030 of the City of Wildwood’s Zoning Regulations). The large water feature is three point four (3.4) acres in size. (Ward One)
17b.) By-Laws – Next Steps
1XI. Closing Remarks and Adjournment by Chair of Commission
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